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The oxy-fuel injector cutter KEDR R3P-02 is designed for manual separating cutting (cutting) of sheet and section metal from low-carbon steels up to 300 mm thick. Propane-butane and natural gas can be used as combustible gas.

Operating temperature range: from minus 20°С to plus 40°С.

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The cutter consists of a barrel with shut-off and control valves for cutting and heating oxygen, a combustible gas valve and connecting nipples for attaching gas supply hoses with a diameter of 6 mm or 9 mm. A tip is attached to the barrel with union nuts, consisting of an injector device, connecting tubes, a cutter head and replaceable outer and outer mouthpieces. when oxygen moves through the injector device, a vacuum is created in the displacement chamber, which ensures the supply and mixing of combustible gas with oxygen. Regulation of the flow of oxygen and gas is carried out by appropriate valves. The combustible mixture through the tip tube enters the cutter head and, exiting into the annular gap between the inner and outer mouthpieces, forms a preheating flame when ignited. The supply of oxygen for cutting is carried out by the cutting oxygen valve, then through the handpiece tube and head into the central channel of the inner mouthpiece. The operation of the cutter is based on heating the starting point of the cut with a preheating flame to the ignition temperature of the metal, followed by burning it in a jet of cutting oxygen.

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