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Low pressure gauge 0...6 to 60 kPa IP40


Characteristics and materials

The case of the low pressure gauge is made of steel (grade 10), painted black, with a diameter of 63 mm. Fastening to the place of sampling is carried out by means of a radial or axial fitting, the material was a copper alloy. External thread - M12x1.5.

The main difference between a pressure gauge and a conventional pressure gauge is the measuring element. In the pressure gauge, this is a membrane box, and in the pressure gauge, it is a Bourdon tube. The box is made of copper alloy. Under organic glass is a white dial made of aluminum alloy. The graduations are black, with the default units being kPa.

The above parameters indicate the class of protection against ingress of dust and moisture - IP40.

The range of measured pressure is from 0...6 to 60 kPa, with selected sub-ranges.

Behind the scenes, it is customary to consider a device with a membrane box and a measurement range up to 60 kPa inclusive as a pressure gauge.

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