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What is the difference between oxygen reducer and carbon dioxide reducer?

Time:2023-01-22     Author:Derkia Automation Technology Co.,Ltd【Original】

The design of the carbon dioxide Co2 reducer is very similar to that of the oxygen reducer. It is mainly different from the way of connecting the valve. Sometimes there is a lack of a second pressure gauge. Therefore, people often ask whether oxygen and carbon dioxide reducers can be interchanged.

The operation requirements of oxygen reducer are much higher. This is because unlike CO2, oxygen does not liquefy, so the pressure in the cylinder is much higher (liquid carbon dioxide is up to 200-80). Therefore, when oxygen enters the carbon dioxide reducer, the sealing film will gradually break. Therefore, the carbon dioxide reducer is not used for oxygen supply (reverse replacement is allowed).


The options for the reducer and the connecting cylinder are different. The carbon dioxide reducer can be connected with a clip instead of a sleeve nut, because the CO2 is not fire and explosive in case of leakage.

In order to improve the purity of the gas entering the reducer, the design of the inlet valve usually includes a purification filter. The existence of the filter reduces the risk of gas being discharged back into the cylinder, where it can form a surface pad over the liquefied gas.

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