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Common faults and solutions of gas cylinder pressure reducer

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1、 Gas self-flow (i.e. pressure climbing)

Cause: 1. The pressure reducing valve has small cracks, fractures, damage and other defects. 2. Solid debris falls into the pressure reducer. 3. The valve seat gasket is worn, 4. The spring force of the valve is weakened or damaged.

Solution: 1. Replace the pressure reducing valve. 2. Clear the solid debris in the pressure reducer. 3. Replace the valve seat gasket. 4. Replace the valve spring.

2、 Leakage

Cause: 1. The thread at each connection of the pressure reducer is loose, 2. The diaphragm is impacted for a long time, resulting in rupture.

Solution: Dismantle the leaking parts and reconnect them. 2. Replace the diaphragm.

3、 Unable to adjust voltage

Cause: 1. The spring is compressed and deformed for a long time. 2. The size of the ejector pin is too short due to the damage of the diaphragm pressure plate.

Solution: 1. Replace the spring, 2. Replace the diaphragm pressure plate

4、 Relief of safety valve

Cause: The pressure measurement of the safety valve has changed and cannot withstand high pressure.

Solution: readjust the safety valve to meet the requirements of relevant specifications.

5、 Pressure gauge and parts damaged

Cause: 1. The dial, pointer and case of the pressure gauge were deformed due to falling. 2. When the pressure gauge gas is output, the pressure reducer vibrates seriously, causing the pointer to fall off or not return to zero.

Solution: 1. Replace the pressure gauge. 2. Reinstall the fallen pointer and check it.

In addition, when maintaining the pressure reducer, do not open the high-pressure cylinder valve directly against the pressure reducer under unknown circumstances to avoid accidents. When opening or removing the pressure reducer, you must first close the high-pressure measuring valve and also close the low-pressure measuring valve. In case of failure, the pressure reducer should be returned to the factory for maintenance or directly scrapped, and should not be forced to repair, so as not to cause safety accidents.

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